Lieutenant Caramel


Lieutenant Caramel is the artistic alter ego of french musician Philippe Blanchard, known also under Denier Du Culte, Pierre Bouchet and Felipe Caramelos monikers. He was the founder of Acteon and Studio Forum labels, as well of yearly festival Bruit de la Neige ("Noise of snow") devoted to the memory and legacy of the legendary futurist Luigi Russolo, who was the author of noise music idea and manifesto.
Travelling the world, he collects the resonant matters at the time of his journeys (Syria, Iran, Rome, Venice, Madrid, Sarmakande, Roumania, Moscow, St Petersbourg etc). He has won several international prizes - GMEB in Bourges, Radio France, The Muse in Circuit (Mauricio Kagel), CIMES-FICS in Prague.

His Art is an assemblage of unexpected resonant objects that transform themselves into comics for the ears.


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