Maurizio Bianchi




Maurizio Bianchi is a non-musician in activity since August 1979. He came from the punk movement in the mid-seventies and started his first innovative and incomparable industrial-project under the moniker Sacher-Pelz with the home-made cassettes Cainus (1979), Venus (1980), Cease To Exist and Velours, later collected on Mutation For A Continuity (Ees'T). They were all-instrumental collages of electronic sounds. Mectpyo/Blut (1980) was the first cassette to be released under his own name. Then came a very prolific phase in M.B.'s musical career, with LPs plus many tapes and contributions to compilations between 1981 and 1984: Symphony For A Genocide (Sterile, 1981), possibly his most terrifying work, Nh/Hn (Grafika Airlines, 1981), Menses (Mecptyo Sounds, 1982), making him a pioneer in terms of noise and industrial music. His music was characterized by uncompromising, noisy musique-concrète-abstractions, produced by turntable, loops and tape-recorder and very different from any other industrial band of that time, obviously influencing a multitude of modern artists working in the extremes of sonic art. His complex non-melodic wall-of noise-arrangements were described as "psychic cerebral works that seem to spring from a neuro-atomic continent" to make psycho-neurotic sounds. It was a sort of defragmentation of usual music into several atoms of unusual non-music.
The sound he creates at that time is the result of permanent frustration in life, love, religion and politics reflecting his inner soul of that time and expressed his condition of being lost in a web of own sounds and nightmares.. the experimental field being the only one where he can completely express his freedom, researching emotional sound sculptures.

After 14 years of mental purification the second M.B.-phase began, characterized by a very spiritual approach. The first very clinical collaboration of Maurizio Bianchi and Siegmar Fricke entitled "Endokraniosis" in the beginning of 2006. Siegmar Fricke, qualifying his works nowadays as "Pharmakustik" - syncopated rhythmic compositions, artificial robotic voices, clinical ambiences. , shares the same fascination for clinical sound-abstractions and electronic modulations as M.B., and did several collaborations with him. Maurizio worked with various other artists such as Aube, Telepherique, Nimh and Stefano Gentile.

Maurizio Bianchi's main inspiration remains the human alienation, and his goal is to awaken the sleeping consciences.

That's why he tries to do again with the new vinyl LP « Persecutionem » released by rotorelief in July 2009:

« I've taken inspiration for this medicative work from the sordid persecution of the early Christians, but in other ways we receive objectivistic persecution every day from this standardized system, from our wretched condition and from the modern persecutors which are hidden behind their threatening countenances. The appropriate soundtrack of such perturbed sufferings is this justifiable work, « Persecutionem », in which the semblances of our gaolers are inherents on these obstructed sounds, and the hopeful liberation of our existences are culminating on the eschatologic modulations. The deliberate epilogue is contained in the derogatory elevation of our reinstated spirituality for a repulsive capital sentence in order to transform the alienated persecutor into an inalienable victim of persecution. »
Maurizio Bianchi - February 2009


from Rotorelief