Pacific 231 is the project of Pierre Jolivet, a French musician now residing in Ireland. It came into existence in the early 80s and belonged to the first wave of industrial groups. Early albums were released by Le Syndicat, Cause And Effect & Bunker Records. Invaluable assistance in due time was given by Psyclones with whom Pierre recorded a couple of albums under the Psy 231 moniker, which were released on their label Ladd-Frith.
While the early Pacific 231 albums like "Thulé Apocalypse" and "Unusual Perversions" show us the bridge between power electronics and old school industrial, the later ones are much more experimental in sound and appeals to quite another perception type -- in no way to some numb stupor and paralyzing fear but to a complex balance of concentration and relaxation, governed by the harmony of resonances and transitional processes. The research was made on highly organic and self-consumed struggle occuring on the speculative level. Pierre is extremely exact in dealing with musical matter, slightly elucidating only those areas that do not bring danger though are not particularly flattering to your ears. His focus is primarily on sound - awkward, free of gloss but not free of sonic charm.
Then Pierre's style has undergone substantial changes, moving far from noise music into the sphere of experimental electronics and synthetic sound. The album "Ethnicities", released in 2006 by rotorelief, is the first after a long hiatus. It embraces the whole epoque: urban soundscapes are melting away with the tropical forest invasion, the semi-authentic ethnic rhythms are dissolving in the psychedelic ambiance. Pierre's interest in ethnic music finds its extension in the most recent album "Palestine" in collaboration with Rapoon. This is a kind of ethno-trance suite devoted to the memory of Bryn Jones (Muslimgauze).

In 2009 Pacific 231 collaborated with Lieutenant Caramel on a vinyl limited edition named « Just digging the crazy art » released by rotorelief. Pacific 231 created a dark aquatic atmosphere whereas Lieutenant Caramel tries to introduce some " zing, pops and flings " in the bubbles. Reflexive and mental, « Just digging the crazy art » is the launch of a vast undertaking of brainscrambling, hum sorry of brainstorming… Pacific 231 put aside his metallic sonorities of the 80s and brings atmospheric waves in harmonic spirals while Lieutenant Caramel flutters about left to right and right to left to impress the participants of this mass for the perpetual time ! both of them to the conquest of the infinity !
His latest work is « Aramesh », another collaboration this time with Vox Populi! and released by rotorelief, a synthesis of East meets West colliding with the most experimental sounds & collages. Building-up stacks of multi-directional creations using the latest Binaural Technology to immerse the listener totally within.