Parazite is a band of experimental, electronic and "bruitist" music created by Spot and the film maker Marc Caro in 1977, then joined by Antenna and Joëlle in 1978. A « parasite » is this tiny thing that the human being doesn't like much, but it is also an undesirable system in the diffusion of sound... That's how Parazite defines itself.

The group made several soundtracks for choreographic shows (Régine Chopinot, Philippe Decouflé...) and had the habit to make performances on stage, giving a great attention to the visual part of them. Coming from several different fields of counter-culture, each member expresses his own madness, revolts and imagination.

Noise, revolt, at the limit of the tolerable, distortions, truncated voices, Parazite is a stunning sonorous illustration bringing images in your head.

« You take a synth, says Caro, you can't play it. You make noises (he doesn't say sounds, he says noises), the most intolerable noises as possible. Voilà. »

This soundtrack of « Bunker de la dernière rafale » participates in the rise of anxiety of the spectator. With this movie Caro wanted the visual imaginary and the magic to have the most favorable part, and the sounds, even by themselves, give them a part as important.


from Rotorelief