Nihil Unbound


black ruby red vinyl

Extremely Limited & numbered edition to 49 copies | Handmade cover

As like the Factory Records made for the early Joy Division albums, this black vinyl is transluscent « ruby red » when held against a strong light. 

>>> PLAY MUSIC > BRUME & JOHN GRIEVE | Album : "Nihil Unbound" | track : "Part 3" <<<

Vegetarians may not like this LP. Brume and Grieve wander around the meat processing facility with their microphones recording the bloody carnage. But in this machine age this is no ordinary abattoir. Humans voluntarily join the animals and both are processed whilst still alive by the cutting and mincing machines not for consumption but because they live in a world without meaning and they no longer care. As they walk around the factory Brume and Grieve pause sometimes to listen and sometimes to arrange the pieces of strewn carcasses into art objects. This is the aestheticization of the sounds of human and animal slaughter by the capitalist megamachine. The machines take the recorded sounds and process them as strings of ones and noughts that are sent along wires under the oceans to be reassembled and played back to other humans so that they may enjoy hearing the sounds of their own demise. Before they offer themselves up for slaughter the humans happily pay to hear the sounds of their own destiny. Side one is the preparation of the flesh within the factory and side two is the eating off the factory floor as the machines and the humans share and discuss their last meal whilst the putrid raw food destroys the diners from within. Essential listening for meat eaters and vegetarians alike.
John Grieve, 2017