DIE FORM ÷ FINE AUTOMATIC¹ PART1 (side A & B) from the Double-LP

ROTOR0043-AB (vinyl)

ROTOR0043-AB red (RED vinyl)

DIE FORM, Die Form ÷ Fine Automatic¹ PART1 (Sides A & B) / red or black vinyl LP, ref : ROTOR0043-AB,

This release is a reissue album from one of the Die Form side projects, named "DIE FORM ÷ FINE AUTOMATIC" from reissue of the Album called "Fine Automatic & Die Form" from the original tape album [K.08], 1982 + Bonus tracks.

This one is released in double albums as two separate vinyl LPs in the context of the Archives of Industrial Music from France (offering inside this collection : identical covers, excepting specific typography of the artist or of the band and personalized logotypes) in order to point out its radical aesthetic unity and strong artistic coherence.