Shiny Battle (first album)


ROTOR0063 gold & black vinyl (300 copies)
ROTOR0063 clear vinyl (100 copies)

In 1985 was created a first mini-album « Shiny Battle" in the Studio Garage
This mini-lp is a marvel as it associates the pure tradition of the french coldwave bands adoring the bass with the high level british artistic quality influenced by the best of the post-punk scene : Bauhaus, PlayDead et Killing joke …
This full-lengh reissue  by Rotorelief proposes the mini-album "Shiny Battles" + 6 unreleased bonus, instru version or different from the mini-lp.

2017 reissue + bonus tracks, texture and feeling of 1985 original with boosted audiophile sound quality.



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Exclusive presale available here from the label the 14th July 2017
Also available from your retailers, shops, wholesalers and distributors mid August - September 2017 !!!