SAND | His First Steps | BLACK 180g vinyl LP








There is something magical and inexplicable in creation, and Sand manifest absolutely these mysterious phenomena. Story-tellers, musicians, shamans, geniuses, Sand were known, at the end of the 60s, as P.O.T. (Part of Time). Then Sand - Ludwig Papenberg and his brother Ullrich Papenberg, and Johannes Vester, developed a more avant-gardist, proto-industrial, visionary experimental approach, a truly unique entity in the history of music.

Not dependant on a classical “Krautrock” style, Sand is nevertheless part of this movement of German cosmic/psychedelic bands, as well as being the originators of proto-industrial musics.





His First Steps
SAND then heard the dusty cries of the blackbirds from the electronic fields.

The 8th decade was young. That was 1972.

In those days SAND lived among the hills, where ravens croaked, near the mystery woods and their whole world was enclosed in a time of smoking steaming earth under a dark and strange and cold air.


SAND was the ecdysis of P.O.T., not yet animated, but ripe to be formed.

In an unconcious act SAND brought their Golem to Life, using a mixture of mystical incantations over vast sessions, And one night, when a full moon was rising, the Old Loggerhead – as an embodied Golem – was creeping outside.

He did his first steps


The present album is a forerunner of GOLEM, the legendary album from the cosmic and psychedelic genius that is Sand. After the split of POT the early SAND submerged as a threesome in the basement of Claudiusstrasse and built up an alchemical assembling shop, where they resurrected the archetypical GOLEM. SAND considered themselves as an exile community in a fascinating area - full of distinctly bizarre energy.

Rotorelief releases, from 2010, a series of new albums from Sand as well as a reissue of their obscure and rare album Golem. This series of albums is called INXODEM, the series title having one letter for each album.

5 albums of Sand are to be released : His First Steps – Golem – Desert Navigation – Sylph Ballet – North Atlantic Raven. Chromanatron by Nurse with Wound and When the May Rain Comes, cover versions of Sand by Current 93, complete the series.



Johannes Vester

Ludwig Papenberg

Ullrich Papenberg