PHARMAKUSTIK | Neurochemie | black vinyl LP
Limited and numbered edition of 333 copies.



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Siegmar Fricke started in 1981 making musique-concrete-experiments with magnetophones and shortwave-radio signals, recorded on various cassettes, followed by intense activities in the European tape-scene between 1985 and 1993. He collaborated with amongst others Miguel A. Ruiz, the Italian sound-artists Maurizio Bianchi, or Giancarlo Toniutti.

Since 2001 Siegmar Fricke characterizes his musical universe as "Pharmakustik": audioclinical investigation; sound-research; implantation and re-implanation of acoustic fragments; exclusion of harmonies/melodies/traditional song-structures; generation of completely electronic and highly abstract tissues; intermodulating soundpools related to medical subjects; neurochemical ambiances; formantmodulation of selected voice-particles, bitcrushed fractures of rhythm; complex combinations of plugins/modulators/effect-periphery.

The current techniques of the Pharmakustik sound-research are characterized by intermodulating, morphing particles and their mutual interaction in the stereophonic panorama. Automated inspection of otoneurosurgical, motorcortical fragments for the atraumatic listener. Pharmaconstructive audiofluxus 2010.







It consists of 8 pieces that involve complex arrangements of clinical ambiances and experiments in granular modulations...Some works also contain modified robotic, vocoded electronic voices and dismembered rhythmic particles. The Neurochemie album in a way sums up all the experiences of previous Pharmakustik-releases by concentrating on total modulation of sound and its effect on the nervous system using a wide range of plug-in effectors and many external sources.The album represents Siegmar Fricke perspective of Pharmakustik-sound 2010.





Siegmar Fricke

Track Listing


01. Viszeromotor / 4:43
02. Distraktion A / 5:38
03. Chemsynaps / 5:08
04. Refraktärzeit / 6:35
05. Distraktion B / 5:39
06. Pulskontur / 5:19
07. Malabsorber / 5:08
08. Formantprothetik / 5:58








Extramitochondrial synthesis + neurochemical maturation electronically generated
by Siegmar Fricke

PHARMAKUSTIK-studio Germany | Dec.2009 - Jan.2010
SF: synaptosomal transformations, granulom programmings, neurodynamics, endocrine modulators, excitatory inputs

Edition led by Christophe Louis

Design : Frédéric Tacer