LES BELLES NOÏSEUSES- whiter than white- black vinyl LP + insert


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Les Belles NOÏseuses

Les Belles Noïseuses were created in 1992 as

an outlet. When they let themselves go in a

chaotic and abrasive way, only the sky was the

limit . Little by little, the trio set up a dark

acoustic and melancolic music, charming

and modest, a languorous dark folk livened up

with various influences: psychedelic pop, cold

wave, indus... But under this dark veneer

hides a tender irony. Despair gets mocking.





Whiter than white

The title Whiter than white sounds like an advert for soap. Adverts and soap are precisely what Les Belles Noïseuses blame. Or even more precisely what they represent: consumption, conformity, economic liberalism. However, don't expect to get a speech from Les Belles Noïseuses. Only feelings, emotions, dreams and nightmares are conveyed through their refined musical structure. The doom-jazz double-bass reminds the best from Mick Karn. The minimalist guitar scrapes melody to the bone, to the atonal. The sepulchral and velvety voice envelopes you to take you to hell. Whiter than white: an impulsive dance of death. Lust for life, joy of dying !




Bela Goosy : voice
Bill Ottomo : guitar
Spotzy Blackcycle : double bass


Track Listing


Side A:

1) When the border becomes thinner (4'17)

2) The last one kills (3'47)

3) Whiteness (5'04)

4) A presage of evil (2'56)

5) Downtown ghosts (4'45)


Side B:

6) Ursa Majoris 47 (3'27)

7) Spineless nightmare (3'58)

8) Dance of death (2'55)

9) Sound #13 (2'28)

10) Burning house (2'50)

11) Forever with your ectoplasm (6'25)

video clip / sound

Les Belles nOÏseuses / The Last One Kills (3:47)



Guests :
Drums : Jay Mooken
Percussions on "A presage of evil" : François Ammeter
Keyboards : Olivier Adjedj

Lyrics, music and recording by Les belles nOÏseuses, 2010
except "Burning house"  by Sand, 1975
Mix and premastering by Olivier Gangloff, Romain Ferrey and Les belles nOÏseuses, 2010

Mastering by Hervé de keroullas
Graphic design : Eric Collet from engravings by Albrecht Dürer (1471 - 1528)
Edition led by Christophe Louis