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There is something magical and inexplicable in creation, and Sand manifest absolutely these mysterious phenomena. Story-tellers, musicians, shamans, geniuses, Sand were known, at the end of the 60s, as P.O.T. (Part of Time). Then Sand - Ludwig Papenberg and his brother Ullrich Papenberg, and Johannes Vester, developed a more avant-gardist, proto-industrial, visionary experimental approach, a truly unique entity in the history of music.

Not dependant on a classical “Krautrock” style, Sand is nevertheless part of this movement of German cosmic/psychedelic bands, as well as being the originators of proto-industrial musics.





Desert Navigation

Live Events in the Quarry and an archaic sound formed the background music of the young atomic age. In the meantime the Desert Storm accumulated in endless trance garage sessions. Then SAND drifted from the mythical landscapes to Berlin and were mingled with various oriental influences. Vultures were scudding along the urban canyons whilst burning houses illuminated the skyline. SAND navigated in obscure spheres and discovered Tendrara.

Rotorelief releases, from 2010, a series of new albums from Sand as well as a reissue of their obscure and rare album Golem. This series of albums is called INXODEM, the series title having one letter for each album.

5 albums of Sand are to be released : His First Steps – Golem – Desert Navigation – Sylph Ballet – North Atlantic Raven. Chromanatron by Nurse with Wound and When the May Rain Comes, cover versions of Sand by Current 93, complete the series.



Johannes Vester

Ludwig Papenberg

Ullrich Papenberg


Track Listing


01.Vulture I 5:39 / 1973

02.Touch The Tyrants 6:21 / 1975

03.Tendrara 6:20 / 1982

04.Desert Storm 10:44 / 1973
05.Burning House 2:06 / 1975

06.Vulture II 3:55 / 1973




Vulture I


Vulture II





Johannes Vester: lyrics, vovals , synthesizers, guitar, organ, harmonium

Ludwig Papenberg: synthesizers, organ, generator, guitar, bongos

Ulrich Papenberg: bass

Guests :

Christa Schunke : chorus

Claudia Utke : synthesizer

Dietmar Burmeister : drums

Jörg Hahnfeld : acoustic guitar

Klaus Pankau: electric guitar, acoustic guitar

Martine Rossi-Merue : vocal

Michael (Micky) Westphal : bass

Graphic Design by Frédéric Tacer, 2011

Remastered by Hervé de Keroullas, 2008

Phonographic production & edition led by Christophe Louis

Cover painting by Babs Santini, 2009