CoH | Z-Rated | Art Edition
Limited and numbered art edition of 33 copies

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Active in the avant garde electronic scene for more than 12 years, Ivan Pavlov aka CoH is a spearhead of radically modern electronics, whose work surprisingly often carries an almost human emotional charge.



CD edition from Rotorelief, 2010 :




T-shirt women edition from Rotorelief, 2011 :





T-shirt men edition from Rotorelief, 2011 :







A very special edition of 33 art copies crafted for the CD version will ravish amateurs. A sculptor intervened to shape a one-of-a-kind superhero full metal jacket, adding an incredible touch to this well-thought, conceptual and charming record.

The limited art edition consists in the CoH CD Z-Rated album in a metal cage, with a black army bag, also with special limited CoH stamps on the envelope for postage. The special editions of official stamps with the french Post office are strictly limited at 30 copies.

The release of the CoH album Z-Rated coincides with the premiere of Zebraman 2, a follow-up to a superhero cinematic farse by Takashi Miike, and the record carries many ironic connotations found in the original film. Yet Z-rated is so much more... It is a reference to the raw power of no-budget creation below that of B-movies, to the last position, even the extreme one. The album contains pieces from various years, as far back as early 90-ies, music that was hitherto kept hidden and revealed at last, obscure and odd tracks, unreleased material, rare live recordings... Diverse in style and form, Z-rated undoubtedly carries Ivan's own uninhibited touch all in power and finesse characteristic to all of the CoH productions. Z-Rated, an essential? Probably yes.



Ivan Pavlov



Track Listing



02. Untitled introduction

03. Menuet Max

04. STARLUST [post-pop@7Hz]

05. The Dakota Strawberries [Ripe Forever]

06. Untitled #2 -



09. untitled #3 Cakewalk 5.0

10. [Masakatsu Agatsu]


12. OKA

13. STARLUST vs E=m^2

14. KOCMOC 2003

15. COH & Eel Perfect+Free




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Recorded by Ivan Pavlov/COH

cover idea: Ivan Pavlov & Tina Frank

full metal jacket cage concept & design: Ivan Pavlov

cages made by MH

cover design and stamps design : Tina Frank




Blog of CoH


"I don't know how many people ordered that, and I am waiting for my 2 copies to arrive.. but this is truly a work of love and art. I wish more passion was communicated this way in the world of globalised consumption and I feel priviledged to see my music receive such an emotionally generous treatment."

Ivan Pavlov