Collection des Musiques Industrielles et Post-Industrielles de France
[ Industrial and Post-industrial Music Collection From France ]




This collection proposes a miscellany of what represent the best emblematic and experimental original bands of the french « industrial » scene between the mid 70s and the 80s.

The designation « Industrial music » is a non specialized and imprecise catch-all imported from across the Channel, but its advantage was to gather some bands rather dissimilar.

So in France existed a significant number of artists with nonstandard bands, rather unknown or not much produced, who made a deep impression with their originality and their genuine willingness to enhance music, sometimes by claiming the legacy of distant ancestors such as bruitists of early 20th century, or by having such a radical and original approach that it couldn't be categorised.

Some of the bands are: A.I.Z., Brume, Die Form, Entre Vifs, Etant Donnés, Geinst's Naït, Le Syndicat, Pacific 231, Parazite, Stenka Bazin, Urbain Autopsy, Vivenza...




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