A.I.Z. [Zonore Internal Atrophism] Musikaized is above all sensory. A state, a sensation at a given moment. The sound construction may be sufficient on its own to evoke an emotion, to provoke a visual or cerebral effusion. This sound space presents an interesting support for the emission of ideas or the suspension of consecutive questions of reflection. A.I.Z wants to speak about the behavior of the man and the particular situations that it can generate. A.I.Z likes to talk about mind pus, internal struggles and despicable fragments of life, derision and absurdity. The depravity of the slave maschinen, of the exploited social classes. Is it an exorcism, an attempt to escape? [Release of STAFF PROPAGAND AIZ. 1983. 01/000.] The reality is the repetition of gestures and policies “Just A Factory Day”

Next releases planned by A.I.Z, with emblematic groups such as Urbain Autopsy, Stenka Bazin, Vivenza …. as part of the Historical Collection of Industrial Music of France which already includes about twenty references.

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