COH is a musical project by Russian artist Ivan Pavlov (not to be confused with the physiologist of the same name). Pavlov’s music is often described as experimental electronic, ambient, and drone. Here are some notable COH albums:

  1. “Iron” (2002) – This album is considered one of COH’s best works, featuring a mix of experimental electronic and ambient soundscapes.
  2. “Mask of Birth” (2005) – This album features a darker and more industrial sound, with heavy use of distortion and noise.
  3. “Strings” (2009) – As the name suggests, this album features a lot of string instruments, mixed with electronic sounds.
  4. “Z-Rated” (2010) – This album is a reflection album that coincides with the premiere of Zebraman 2. It contains previously hidden and finally revealed music, obscure and bizarre tracks, unreleased material, rare recordings…

These are just a few examples of COH’s extensive discography, which also includes collaborations with other artists and soundtracks for films and art installations.

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