M.B. [Maurizio Bianchi]

M.B. aka Maurizio Bianchi is an Italian composer and musician known for his work in the field of experimental and industrial music. He was born on December 4, 1955 in Pomponesco, Italy.

Bianchi’s musical career began in the late 1970s, when he started experimenting with tape loops, synthesizers, and other electronic instruments. He released his first album, “Symphony For A Genocide,” in 1981, which was a bleak and unsettling exploration of the themes of death and destruction.

Bianchi’s music often explores themes of decay, isolation, and the darker aspects of human existence. He is known for his use of harsh noise, dissonance, and industrial sounds, which he uses to create a sense of unease and disorientation in the listener.

Over the years, Bianchi has released a large number of albums, both solo and in collaboration with other artists. Some of his notable works include “Weltanschauung”, “Neuro Habitat”, “Aktivitat” and “Technology” among many others.

Bianchi’s music has been highly influential in the development of industrial, power electronics, and noise music, and he is considered one of the pioneers of these genres. His work continues to be highly regarded by critics and listeners in the experimental music community.

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