Music For Air Raids V2.0


A different version from Music for Air Raids, recomposed for the vynil format and entirely remastered.

Comes above our heads the distant roar of « Music For Air Raids V2.0 » as a prelude to the waves of polyrhythmic drums and unremitting guitars, of powerful and constructive poundings that will penetrate us to the core throughout the album. As this album is a tour de force end-to-end, with raids of drums, persussions and guitars, sometimes howlings of guitars, sometimes dull roars or atmospheric drones, whatever, strength is constantly here, always structured and substantial.

To this thoughtful, structured and energetic chaos is added a great originality in the choice of elements, textures and machines.

Tribal, epic, atmospheric, primal, vibrating, « Music For Air Raids V2.0 » represents what is real and impressive strength, and ether is one of the rare bands to master it so well.

→ Ether

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