BERROCAL – “1973-1976-1979” – ROTOR717273 BOX

This luxurious pink Cadillac colour box set, “1973-1976-1979” brings back the first 3 albums of Jac Berrocal (Musiq Musik – Paralleles – Catalogue) in which countless personalities of the crossover music of the hexagon participate. 200g vinyl records remastered colorful metallic covers, an impressive booklet of photos and unpublished documents come to decorate this numbered and limited edition.

First album of Berrocal, recorded in 1973 with excessives reverberations of the crypt of the church Saint-Savinien in Sens, is a real notebook of sound travels, of instruments reported by jac Berrocal and Roger Ferlet during their numerous journeys : Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, India, Jordan, Iraq, Syria, various instruments: bells, muezzins, conches, shenaïs, cymbals, gongs … embellished with urban and incongruous sounds: horns, whistles, chickens, harmonium and washing machine, the all installed on a kiosk. The idea? Make music together, Jac Berrocal, Roger Ferlet, Dominique Coster.

1976, Vince Taylor, the Black Archangel of Rock’n’roll, agrees to come and record “Rock’n’Roll Station”, a piece of futuristic clinking of a bicycle wheel. Other sessions contrary to custom, a pigsty with microphones mired in the middle of unruly pigs, towels shaken by Pierre Bastien in the middle of this “bric-a-brac” a noisy piece in homage to Luigi Russolo repertoire reorganized by bonuses and unpublished from the same period.

1979, the year of the album Catalogue. Jac Berrocal and his “Marquises of disorder” make the guitars rattle in primrose-sprayed vomit, patchwork of uncontrollable slows, furious accordion (Claude Parle) and martial rocks. Kind of “Micro-cinemas put end-to-end”, a maelstrom of cries and saturation which, paradoxically, an album that is worth the respect of the Punks and the contempt of jazz purists. Berrocal is certainly the only French cousin of New York’s no wave.


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