« Autoportait » is one of the masterpiece of Brume, this opus start a new serie of french old school industrial and post-industrial allbums : « Collection Des Musiques Industrielles et Post-industrielles de France » ( Industrial and Post-industrial Music Collection From France ).

« Emergency and compression … it is the climate in which this 50-minute material was recorded. Make a « Self-Portrait » is not nothing! … This is a sensitive exercise, deep, must find the note, must sustain his own honesty … well so do not crash!

This project in 1990 necessity ten hours! (Execution, post production & mastering …). I privileged a direct and rapid expression so essential to squirt! But I confess some « literary verbages » essential in my view have been borrowed. It’s almost live as the set was « sloppy » in just a day and a night!

We therefore there’s practically raw material, thick, rusty metal (Beware Tetanus ears …!), Performed without concession and without cerebral onanism … but only by pure nihilism! » C. Renou, Jan. 2017


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