Dominique Grimaud starts in 1970 with the group Camizole (happenings, improvisations, parallel networks…) Several recordings and album projects take place, which will be released after the end of the group. “Erahtic”, realized in 1972, is the oldest of them, it is reissued 50 years later on vinyl by Rotorelief in 2023. Camizole exists under various forms until its dissolution in 1978, after having merged with the group Lard Free led by Gilbert Artman.

He then created with Monique Alba the duo Video-Adventures which recorded two albums (with, among others, Gilbert Artman, and Jac Berrocal) considered today as precursors of the current sounds.

Dominique Grimaud has been a fan of analog synthesizers since 1974 and of samplers since the end of the eighties. In the 1990s, he integrated Delta blues sounds and techniques into his musical palette, notably with the Franco-American quartet Peach Cobbler (with Rick Brown and Sue Garner). In the 2000s, he returned to electronic sounds and samples to perform solo or with guests. He recorded several albums for French, English and American labels (with Pascal Comelade, Pierre Bastien, Jac Berrocal, David Fenech, Michel Doneda, Christophe Petchanatz…). Since 2012, he forms a duo with the drummer Véronique Vilhet (ex-Johnny Be Crotte and ex -Royal de Luxe).

In addition, since the years 1977/1978, Dominique Grimaud has chronicled the post-68 French musical underground by publishing the books Un certain rock (?) français Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 (9h17 productions). He has written for several magazines and co-authored with Eric Deshayes L’Underground musical en France (éditions Le Mot et le Reste, 2008). From 2005 to 2013, he was also the artistic director of “Zut-O-Pistes” for Muséa-Gazul, a collection of records dedicated to the French underground.

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