La Division Technique

LA DIVISION TECHNIQUE is a french electronic project founded and run by Philippe Saintlos.
LA DIVISION TECHNIQUE sounds like electronic oldschool, soundscapes, minimal synth, industrial-ambient, with analog synthezisers, filters, voices & space sounds recordings.
From 1983 to 1987, LA DIVISION TECHNIQUE recorded several tracks, released on tapes’ labels, which could be (un)defined with words like minimal synth, experimental, coldwave, noisy ambient, with an industrial approach.
2017: LP “Travaux inattendus, systèmes aléatoires” (rotor0064 | Rotorelief) first and unreleased Album from the 80’s.
Founding member of several french independant labels and responsible for the management and promotion of well-known international alternative bands, Philippe Saintlos’s CV is an eclectic one, spanning a wide range of records companies, promoters & medias, with 30 years experience in independant music field.
After this break of almost 3 decades, LA DIVISION TECHNIQUE recently played few concerts in France.
LA DIVISION TECHNIQUE is currently recording new material for a forthcoming album & prepares to do concerts & performances.

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