La Division Technique

LA DIVISION TECHNIQUE is a French electronic project founded and directed by Philippe Saintlos, who surfed the first wave of post-industrial music in France from 1983 to 1987. At that time, the group was akin to oldschool electronics, soundscapes, minimal synth, industrial ambient, with analog synthesizers, filters, voices and spatial sound recordings.

A 2017 encounter with the Rotorelief Records label led to the release of the album “Travaux inattendus, systèmes aléatoires” from the 80s period.

It was at this point that Philippe Saintlos returned to subtractive sound synthesis machines, or more simply to the controls of his analog synthesizers. A two-year succession of concerts followed, culminating in a second album, “Nebula“, in 2019.

2023, Philippe gets back to basics with his third album, “Traversant les citées liquides“, where psychedelic analog electronic music and tortured cosmic melodies meet in a decaying universe on the threshold of a post-apocalyptic world.
some french occult electronic !?

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