Traversant Les Cités Liquides



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Traversant Les Cités Liquides
Limited & numbered deluxe edition

A journey across desperate continents and human worlds in freefall
– between psychedelic electronic music, tortured melodies with hints of weeping arpeggios that crash on ambient industrial waves. Occasionally, a male or female voice…
some french occult electronic !?

1 – Gelée grise (1 :52)
a vertiginous descent, after an invasion of

2 – D’un vif argent (2 :40)
a sequenced electronic theme, perhaps
of a vague dance song…

3 – Ceux de la brume (05 :15)
electronic blues, influenced by Swans and
and Morricone influences, with the voice set to a text by Badou
Ortega, a poet inspired by Christa Päffgen

4 – Traversant les cités liquides (7 :00)
an epic ambient-industrial poem, a tribute to
Ian Curtis, written and performed by Badou Ortega

5 – Le grand nocturne (3 :21)
a few haunting piano notes; ostinato waves
ostinato waves wash over continents in perdition
continents, home to a desperate humanity.

6 – Cercles intérieurs (3 :01)
a few weeping arpeggios, carried by ambient waves

7 – Chaleur blanche, rouge pluie (9 :23)
originally a haunting thought about “The Gift” by the Velvet Underground, with
psychedelic, almost krautrock colors, against a backdrop of electronic guerrilla warfare.

8 – George’s cinematic landscape (5 :21)
a dramaturgy close to that of Georges Delerue, particularly in
“Camille et sa tristesse infinie” (Camille and her infinite sadness), against a backdrop of cinematic fantasies reminiscent of Coppola or Sergio Leone…
Sergio Leone…