Die Form

DIE FORM released years after years music and image in league with the art form of « multimedia intervention », combining sound, performance, photography and cinema/video.
Since 1977, besides many participations in international projects, they have released around thirty albums, video-clips & films and two art-book that allow appreciation of their particular universe : from industrial and organic electronics, tortured neo-classic and experimental constructions to more accessible compositions (based on rhythms, cuts, sampling, treated voices and sequences).

Here on Rotorelief, it is initially planned with the Artist, a three parts of three experimental side projects Albums of Die Form on vinyl and book+cd, and at the moment there are two licenced Albums released in vinyl in several limited editions …
Die Form ÷ Fine Automatic « Fine Automatic & Die Form » Double Album LP
Die Form ÷ Hurt « Hurt & Die Form » Album LP

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