Frog 2


n trouv

The music developped by Frog is a work on percussions of all sorts : electronic, metallic, or else.. bathing in atmospheres made of « humid » tessituras. The music is simple, and unlike Brume, accessible !
Except for the arrangement of rhythms, 75% of work is concentrated on textures, mainly electronic : analog and digital.
Electroacoustic is rarer here, most of the sounds being filtered by « vintage » analog synths using the whole usual range : VCO, VCF, VCA, envelope modulators etc.
Frog is at the same time background music and real music. You can listen to it making your spaghettis or with an active ear from your favorite armchair, if possible in the dark with a good glass of wine in your hand.
Voilà ! A multi-use simple music.
C. Renou, July 2012