MKB Fraction Provisoire

MKB Fraction Provisoire (Messageros Killers Boys) is a French rock band formed by the filmmaker, writer, poet, songwriter F.J. Ossang and the musician Jack Belsen, in the early 1980s. The band’s music is characterized by a blend of punk rock, blues, and avant-garde influences, with Ossang’s poetic lyrics often addressing themes of alienation, decadence, and despair.

MKB’s discography includes several albums, such as “Terminal Toxique” (1982), “Hôtel du Labrador” (1988), “Docteur Chance” (1993), and “Feu !” (1993). They have also contributed to the soundtracks of several of Ossang’s films, such as “Le Trésor des îles Chiennes” (1991) and “Soundtrack of the movie Doctor Chance” (1998).

MKB has been highly regarded in the French underground music scene and has gained a cult following over the years. They are often associated with the No Wave and post-punk movements, and their music has been praised for its raw energy and unconventional sound.

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