MKB Fraction Provisoire




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Feu!” by MKB Fraction Provisoire, recorded in 1993, reissued 30 years later on CD.
Featuring Jac Berrocal

1. Feu ! 05:02
2. Tous Les Instants Sont Importants 04:10
3 Zurich-Londres-Zurich 04:51
4. Retour à Paris 02:48
5. Comment S’en Sortir ! 02:37
6. La Preuve Par vite 03:33
7. Génotype du Messagero Killer Boy 07:10

Format: Deluxe CD + lyric’s booklet
Recording: 1993
Mixing: 1993
Remastering: 2023
Pre-order date: April 13, 2024
Pre-sales dispatch date: from April 16, 2024
Release date in all record stores: April 26,2024

MKB Fraction Provisoire (Messageros Killers Boys) is the variable-geometry musical project of filmmaker and writer F.J. Ossang, founded in 1980 in response to a need for creativity fuelled by the punk movement and industrial music, which the band called NOISE’N’ROLL.

This record was invented in ten days. When Nagi Baz offered us the use of his studio for a week, we had just finished recording Doctor Chance in 1993. The project was immediately to pay a sort of tribute to my writer friend Jean-François Charpin (1957-1987), a Sex Pistols accomplice who had initiated the Chalet du Lac concert in September 1976, before creating the excellent and short-lived avant-garde magazine grabuge in 1978 (two issues published). We spent an entire weekend with Jack Belsen laying the foundations for six tracks using machine matrices and looped rhythms, while I wrote at full speed on the typewriter. On Monday, I finished editing the raw texts while Belsen recorded the rhythms. The next day, it was my turn to record the vocals in a single block – then Jac Berrocal and Little Drake played their instrumental parts. The following Monday, Nagi Baz left his record company. After thirty years, the reissue of the Album “Feu!” set for the first time on vinyl by Rotorelief Records (augmented by the messagero killer boy genotype, recorded just before I left for chile in 1994) turns out to be a double eulogy for J.-F. Charpin, but also for Jack Belsen, brutally snatched from life for a terrible season, between late spring 2018 and his death on December 7 the following year.